Sunday, September 9, 2007

Building Patience

Opportunities to build patience usually appear in forms most irritating, at the worst possible times in life, when one is undoubtedly already in need of an abundance of patience and not looking for another opportunity to exercise it. Today I’ve had many such opportunities to exercise patience.
I’m exhausted, starving, late for my flight, waiting in line at some over priced, two-bit airport burger joint to pay eight dollars for a burger that wouldn’t make a sufficient meal for an anorexic Olson twin, when some gelatinous jerk jumps the queue and then spends ten minutes placing his specialty order with fifteen modifications and concludes by specifying three times that he wants his burger “Cut in half! Cut really in half!” What a brilliant use of an intensifier Sir. No, really!

I need to quit praying for patience when I really need it, as it seems to only make things worse.